Decorating Committee Chair -

Jen Ahern

Entertainment Committee Chair -

Ann Marie Stolfi

Fundraising Committee Chair -

Nancy Cappello 

Golf Tournament Sub-Committee Chair -

Cathy Rossini LaPierre

Senior Gifts & Raffles Committee Chair -

Amy Alexander

Food Committee Chair -

Lisa Bacon

Security, Fire & First Aid Committee Chair -

Kathy Gonzalez

Invitations & Lanyards Committee -

Crestina Walker

Committee Descriptions 

Decorating Committee – 

Entertainment Committee – 

Food Committee –

Senior Gifts & Raffles Committee –

Fundraising Committee-

Security, Fire & First Aid Committee –

Invitations & Lanyards Committee –

*Chairpersons communicate with Board Members regularly, keep attendance at break-out meetings and keep a running list of every donor & donation for end of year Thank You ads*

*** The Executive Board has the authority to reallocate funds at the expense of another committee, if necessary.

~ The Executive Board does not make any decisions related to the planning of the party.  Decisions are exclusively made by Senior Parents who are actively involved with Project Graduation.  SO PLEASE GET INVOLVED ~